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Those who will be experiencing INTERNET PROBLEMS during EID, are insisted to contact : 01912594969

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Welcome to Dot Internet



For Technical Support :
Telephone : 01612594969, 01942334644, 01191352204
Email :
For Billing Queries:
Telephone : 01612594969, 01942334644, 01191352204
Email :
For Marketing Queries:
Telephone : 01612594969, 01942334644, 01191352204
Email :

Dot Internet is one of the leading High Speed Broadband Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • 100Mbps Alltime

    Our FTP Server,contains more than 8000+ Bluray, HD Movies, Anime, TV Series, TV Shows, Documentaries, Songs, Softwares, Books, Religious Contents, Bangla Natok, and Tutorials, which are updated on a daily basis and we also see through user's request on our Facebook Group.
  • Internet Connectivity

    All of our Connections are provided via optical fibre from our end to your home and then connected via CAT-5 to your PC.
  • Why Clients Choose Us?

    We Provide a very stable Internet connection (no disconnecting issues), all of our Users get Mbps speed from our BDIX Connected Torrent Sites, we have our own Gaming Servers where all of our users can play with each other, etc.

Support Team

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Call Here : 01912594969 / 01191352204


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We Work For You!

For some reason, if you experience problems with your Internet Connection, then you contact our 24/7 Support Team or for some issue's if your Internet Fibre gets cut down, then our people will get it fixed as soon as possible and give feedback to you when its done.

We also have 24/7 Online Support, to help you configure your Router so that you can get access to our FTP Server via your Device and they will also assist you with your other Queries and Problems you are facing with the Internet. (Torrent Help, Port Forwarding/Block etc.)


Website Making Solutions

VoidWorks provide :

1. Personal Websites
2. Photo Sharing Websites
3. Writers / Authors Websites
4. Community Building Websites
5. Wordpress, Joomla websites
6. Blogs and Online Diaries
7. Informational Websites
8. Company Websites
9. E-commerce Websites

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  • Our Thread in Banglagamer All Gamers are requested, to post their problems regarding our connections here in this page, or contact us on Facebook.


  • For FTP Download Requests join our Facebook Group
  • If you are facing Routing or Port Block/Forwarding Issue's you can also   contact us on our Facebook Page or Post your Feeback on our  Banglagamer Page
  • For more Information on taking connection you can contact us on ourFacebook Page or Call us.